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Historic Town of 1770

Historic Town of 1770

Just minutes from Agnes Water is the historic Town of 1770 recognised as the birth place of Queensland, the place where Lieutenant James Cook, in 1770, today known as Captain James Cook and his Endeavour crew first came ashore in Queensland on the 24th of May 1770.

Captain Cooks landing on this date is celebrated by the 1770 community with the annual 1770 Festival. A full day of festivities on the 1770 foreshore near where Captain Cook landed in 1770, entertainment and displays including the 1770 re-enactment of Cook and his crew.

The crystal clear waters and coastline have changed very little since 1770. The 1770 heritage headland with magnificent views north across Bustard Bay, overlooking a calm water inlet, boat anchorage is a key feature of the 1770 area.

1770 is also the departure point for Great Barrier Reef day cruises to the beautiful coral cay of Lady Musgrave Island and the unsoiled lagoon of Fitzroy Reef. Jump on board one of these Barrier Reef day cruises and marvel the beauty the pristine coral and marine life on the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Get up close and personal with reef fish, spot graceful manta rays and turtles while you snorkel or scuba dive in the clear waters of The Great Barrier Reef on of the natural wonders of the world. You’ll be amazed.

From 1770 you can also jump on board the award winning LARC and venture over land and sea through Eurimbula National Park for a northward trip to Bustard Bay and to historic lighthouse, often referred to as ‘The Light House of Tragedy’.

There are almost endless opportunities for natures appreciation in The Town of 1770, for it is surrounded by three national parks and the Pacific Ocean. Discover some of the great places for estuary fishing and crabbing, or put in a bit of time offshore fishing on the Great Barrier Reef and the outer reefs where catching Red Emperor is considered the ultimate prize of the Great Barrier Reef Fishing.

On similar latitude to Hawaii, 1770 has a superb climate all year round as well as a natural environment that ranges from ancient tropical rainforest to palm line beaches.

While you are in the The Town of 1770, be sure to visit the Captain Cook Monument and learn the history of how 1770’s unusual and unique name came to light.

1770/Agnes Water, the perfect Queensland holiday destination, on the Queensland Discovery Coast, Australia’s best kept secret.

Historic Town of 1770

1770/Agnes Water, the perfect Queensland holiday destination, on the Queensland Discovery Coast, Australia’s best kept secret.

Posted by Discovery Coast QLD Online on Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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