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James Cook 19 October, 1769

James Cook 19 October, 1769

On 19 October, 1769, James Cook wrote, “at 7 AM brought too under Cape Table and sent away the Indian Canoe. at this time some others were putting off from the shore, but we did not wait their coming but made sail to the Northward…

At 3 PM passed by a remarkable head Land which I called Gable-end Foreland, on account of the very great reseblence the white clift at the very point hath to the Gable end of a house, it is made still more remarkable by a spire’d rock standing a little distance from it… in the evening some Canoes came off to the Ship, and one man came on board to whom we gave a few triffles, and then sent him away”.

James Cooks Journals

Discovery 1770 – James Cooks Journals 19 October 1769

Posted by Discovery Coast QLD Online on Saturday, October 19, 2019

Joseph Banks wrote, “in the morn we were off Table cape.

Our guests expressed some surprise at finding themselves so far from home, but had their boat hoisted out and went ashore abreast of the ship. We sailed very briskly, soon passed Poverty bay, the country beyond it seemed to be fertile with few or no cliffs.

About noon we passed by a remarkable white Cliff of a triangular shape, not unlike the Gable End of a farm house; this same cliff we had seen from the sea when first we made the land, and from its triangular shape had compard it to a latteen sail, it was now calld Gable End Foreland.

Just here 3 Canoes came off, one man from them ventured on board, but soon went back and the boats droped a stern. In the evening many shoals of very small brown shrimps passed by the ship, that colured the water as if dirt had been thrown into it”.

Source: Captain Cook Society

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