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Mr Ed’s Coffee is a mobile Coffee Van working on Tablelands Roads, Berajondo 500m from Bundaberg Lowmead rd.

Mr Eds coffee van set up uses solar power and a LPG coffee machine
There are 900 watts of solar panels on the roof feeding into a Giant Power 2400w MPPT Solar charger / 240v charger.
This charges the 11Kwh’s of Lead Carbon dry cell battery storage made up of 12 x 2v 480amp hour batteries in series to make a 24v system.
The Giant Power 2400 watt inverter feeds the 240v system to run the fridge, grinder, electronics, of coffee machine, radio (and a fan for me).
The water reticulation pumps, lighting and sensor tap are powered by a separate 12v system via a Victron Energy Blue Power 240v AC to 12v DC transformer.
What does it all mean?
No generator exhaust or noise pollution!

Just the smell of Coffee!


Lantern parade about to start 1770 Festival

Posted by Mr Ed's Coffee on Saturday, May 25, 2019